Past Productions


2016 The Drowsy Chaperone

2015 Me and My Girl

2014 All for Your Delight

2013 The Pajama Game

2012 Curtains

2011 Babes in the Wood, Girlfriends

2010 Mother Goose, The Bakers Wife

2009 Sleeping Beauty, Thoroughly Modern Millie

2008 Humpty Dumpty, Nunsense

2007 Little Miss Muffet, The Farndale Mikado

2006 Aladdin, Magic of the Movies (by Tom Llewellyn)

2005 Mother Goose, The Boyfriend

2004 Little Red Riding Hood, Me and My Girl

2003 Cinderella, Calamity Jane

2002 Puss in Boots, The Pajama Game

2001 Old King Cole, Oklahoma

2000 Dick Whittington, Fiddler on the Roof

1999 Sleeping Beauty, Viva Mexico

1998 Babes in the Wood, The Quaker Girl

1997 Puss in Boots, The Boyfriend

1996 Old Mother Hubbard, Dollar Princess

1995 Little Red Riding Hood, The Geisha

1994 Aladdin, Gypsy Baron

1993 Humpty Dumpty, Brigadoon

1992 Babes in the Wood, Charlie Girl

1991 Mother Goose, The Pajama Game

1990 Old King Cole, Oklahoma

1989 Cinderella, Calamity Jane

1988 Dick Whittington, Goodnight Vienna

1987 Puss in Boots, The Merry Widow

1986 Old Mother Hubbard, The White Horse Inn

1985 Mother Goose, The Bird Seller

1984 Babes in the Wood, Viva Mexico

1983 Old King Cole, Gypsy Princess

1982 Little Red Riding Hood, Fiddler on the Roof

1981 Cinderella, Carousel

1980 Little Bo Peep, Bless the Bride

1979 Humpty Dumpty, The Belle of New York

1978 Cinderella, Land of Smiles

1977 The Arcadians

1976 The Quaker Girl

1975 Sweethearts

1974 Count of Luxembourg

1973 Goodnight Vienna

1972 The Gondoliers

1971 Tom Jones

1970 The Merry Widow

1969 The Gipsy Baron

1968 The New Moon

1967 Maritza

1966 The Yeoman of the Guard

1965 Naughty Marietta

1964 Iolanthe

1963 Ruddigore

1962 The Emerald Isle

1961 The Pirates of Penzance


1959 The Gondoliers

1958 The Mikado

1957 The Rebel Maid

1956 Tom Jones

1955 The Geisha

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